Suite La Marina

La Marina

Castelletto the marina was born in 2015, is been a challenge considering the difficulties of a small 40sqm house on two levels, inside a small street in the neighborhood also historic of the marina a few steps from the port, in this case despite the fact that the building was historical end 600 we have restructured in a more and more equal manner; contemporary, leaving the original floor plan, this small house is the home of the cellist Nicola Valle was a period, for me it has an affective meaning, my newly married parents lived there, we are talking about the 50s. Marina is the district that overlooks the port of Cagliari and bounded on the north by the walls of the castle. The Marina was founded by the Pisans in the 13th century as an area destined to house warehouses and homes for those working at the nearby port of Cagliari. Marina looks like a neighborhood full of history, where there are numerous shops and where the Cagliari nightlife takes place.


Castelletto La Marina , (Street) Via Napoli 27 - Cagliari

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